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Great stress reliever spiral boundFREE e-guide “Reflexology a Great Stress Reliever”

  • Effects of Stress on the Heart
  • Link Between Depression and Reduced Heart Rate
  • Reflexology:  A Low Cost Option to Offset Stress
  • Top 10 Stressful Life Events
  • Reflexology Reduces Stress
  • Reflexology Supports Self-Healing
younger-business-womanNicole age 52, wanted to change careers. She hated everything about her job. However, she needed her regular salary whilst she trained for her new chosen career path in holistic medicine. Nicole wanted to learn Reflexology. Attending college or school was not an option.  It was just not in her time schedule, she needed a choice that fitted in with her existing lifestyle. So she chose distance learning via the internet. Nicole was able to watch videos demonstrating every reflexology hand and foot position over and over until she was confident in her skills. She even watched the video at the same time as practicing on her husband. Nicole studied the theory at her own speed, until she could pass the end of lesson quizzes easily. She even choose when she wanted to take her final theory exam, and was much less nervous knowing that she could take it from the comfort of her own living room. The smile on Nicole’s face when she quit her job seemed to stay for days! Now Nicole is happy, she chooses her own work hours, decides how much she will earn per hour, and receives constant feedback from satisfied clients who tell her what a difference she is making with their health. Learning Reflexology online allowed Nicole to start her own business and leave the corporate world behind on her own terms!!
Susan was a busy mom of 4 children. They took up most of her time. To preserve her sanity Susan wanted to take time out of her extremely hectic day for herself and learn a skill. She decided that she wanted to learn Reflexology. It was absolutely out of the question to leave the home to attend college either during the day. Even evening classes were not an option because of her husband’s erratic work schedule. The Universal College of Reflexology’s online home study program, was the answer. She could study at her own pace and time to suit the family schedule. Susan told us that Reflexology helped her cope with childhood illnesses and ups and downs. She also became more social by finding people who lived locally to be her practice clients. Susan now has a thriving part-time Reflexology business, earning money for those family extra’s like holidays and extra holiday gifts for her children. Reflexology was able to help maintain family health and possibly Susan’s sanity because of distance learning.
Arnuki was a young woman who krobo-girls-with-beads-2lived in a small village in Ghana. She knew very little about the world outside of her village. She did know that her grandmother always pressed on her feet when she was ill and made her better. She wanted to do the same for others. Since her grandmother passed she had been looking for someone with “the knowledge” without success. One day a package arrived for the elder of the village and she was intrigued by the paper that wrapped the contents. She was able to read English and was always looking for new things to practice her skills on. It is said that the lord works in mysterious ways, because on that small sheet of paper was one of the Universal College of Reflexology’s ads, giving information on their foot reflexology course. Arnuki sent a letter to the college telling of her now deceased grandmother’s skills and her desire to help her village and relearn “the knowledge”. The return address on her note was #1 bus stop in her village. The Universal College of Reflexology prepared a distant learning package, containing manuals, foot models, workbooks, reference books, in fact everything that Arnuki needed to learn Reflexology. It took 3 months for the parcel to arrive in Ghana. Arnuki was a very dedicated student and learn fast and well. One of the final times we heard from Arnuki was when she told us of an occasion when one of the people in her village had fallen down during a ceremony. The villagers all thought him dead! Arnuki stepped forward and offered to help. She did some reflexology and the person stood up. The villagers who looked on thought it was a miracle, and proclaimed her as the village shaman or healer. Her dream of helping her village to be healthy had come true. Note: We think it is likely that the person just fainted and he was not actually dead and she helped revive him, but we will never know for sure! Reflexology was able to maintain health and possibly save lives in a small African village because of distance learning.
9-ArabiaAnn Smith (not real name) was the wife of a Canadian Diplomat serving abroad in an Arabian country. She wanted to support her husband and find something to occupy her time that would give her benefits in the future. She decided she wanted to learn Reflexology. Ann Smith contacted us by email and wanted to know if it was possible for the Universal College of Reflexology to help her. She wanted to learn Foot, Hand and Ear Reflexology to give back to the community. The greatest hurdle was actually delivering her educational packages. Ann Smith advised that only about 5% of items shipped actually arrived at their destination, because of theft and piracy, so she wanted the items hand delivered by a courier. The cost for delivery alone was over $825 which she was happy to cover, as it would guarantee safe arrival of her Reflexology supplies. The Universal College of Reflexology are happy to report that Ann Smith’s Reflexology studies were a great success. Reflexology was able to maintain health and possibly save lives in communities in Arabia because of distance learning.
lorry driverHarry was a long distance truck driver.   He wanted to switch careers as he did not like the time he was forced to spend away from his wife and children. Whilst on the road he made a regular stop at a Reflexology clinic on the prairies to help alleviate the back pain that sitting for hours on end in his rig caused. He enjoyed the quiet time and relief and wondered out loud if he could do this thing called Reflexology. His Reflexologist, a graduate of the Universal College of Reflexology, said he had nothing to lose by asking a few questions. To cut a long story short, Harry enrolled in the Professional Foot Reflexology course, and took his study materials with him on the road. Within the year, Harry had graduated and was looked forward to quitting his driving job in the new year (this was in 2012) and start working for himself building his very own Reflexology business. Needless to say his wife and sons were delighted to have him home and relieved not to worry about his safety driving across country in the harsh Canadian winter. Reflexology was able to help re-establish Harry’s family life and help him work in the local community because of distance learning.

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  • Are you looking for a new Career?
  • Have you considered Reflexology?
  • Wondering how much you can earn as a Reflexologist?
  • What does it take to be a Reflexologist?
  • Where are Reflexologists working?

All this and more…. in this overview of the Reflexology Industry by Lauren Slade. Lauren is CEO and Founder of the Universal College of Reflexology, Member of the Advisory Board of the Natural Therapy Certification Board and Past President of the Reflexology Association of Canada. Lauren has 35+ years experience as a Reflexology practitioner, educator, mentor and advocate. Lauren has 38+ years experience as a Reflexology practitioner, educator, mentor and advocate.

Will I get a Certificate?
CERTIFICATEYes! In fact – we have two levels of certification available.

  1. Complete the theory portion of the Professional Foot Reflexology program and complete the open book quizzes and earn a certificate of completion.
  2. If you chooseyou can also earn a second gold embossed Universal College of Reflexology certificate which is awarded upon successful completion of the final practical and theory exams.
How Long Does it Take to Complete the Program?

AtHomeStudyAs an on-line home study program, you can study at your own pace. Some students complete the program in just a few months, others take longer – it just depends how much time you have available to study – you choose – there are no time pressures. All students are given an initial six months to complete the program, but if you need more time, simply ask for it.

What is included with the Foot Reflexology Program?
Personal access to a closed membership website with your own special student account that contains everything that you need to become a fully qualified, confident, certified Professional Foot Reflexologist.  You will receive everything you would in a traditional classroom plus so much more. What will you learn
Who can Study Foot Reflexology?

Everybody! There are no prerequisites, if you are over the age of 18. We have successful certified students from 18 to almost 80. Some choose to study Foot Reflexology because they want a career change. Some people study Reflexology because they have heard some of the marvelous stories about people helped with Reflexology. Others learn Reflexology because they want to make a difference to the community they live in.

Below is a partial list of former professions of Universal College of Reflexology graduates…


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Great stress reliever spiral boundFREE e-guide “Reflexology a Great Stress Reliever”

  • Effects of Stress on the Heart
  • Link Between Depression and Reduced Heart Rate
  • Reflexology:  A Low Cost Option to Offset Stress
  • Top 10 Stressful Life Events
  • Reflexology Reduces Stress
  • Reflexology Supports Self-Healing