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“Who Else Wants to Serve Others and

Help Them Achieve Better Overall Health,

In a Business That Can Be Extremely Lucrative?”


Create a life & sacred business you love,
Where you can be your own boss and pursue your passion

Next Course – 13th February 2018

Note: We are able to hold the 2017 tuition fee for February class only.  

All future 2018 courses will be offered at the increased fee.

You’re About To Be Shown

The Secrets Of Reflexology…

“It’s One Of The Most Financially Rewarding…

Pleasantly Relaxing…

& Highly Respected Holistic Health Professions”

Learn how to harness the power of reflexology through demonstrated techniques, 

to help people feel better AND make money doing it!


Let’s begin at the beginning…

What is Reflexology?

The origins of Reflexology reach back to ancient Egypt Reflexology is a natural healing science used by applying pressure to minute points in the feet, which creates a stimulating effect in corresponding areas throughout the whole body.

Reflexology is a simple, effective, natural way to help overcome many common illnesses and ailments and enjoy a life of better health. 

Reflexology is a science, which deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands, which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. 

Stimulating these reflexes properly can help address many health problems in a natural way, as a type of preventative maintenance.  Reflexology is a serious advance in the health field and should not be confused with massage.


With Reflexology, only the hands are used,
making it a safe, simple,
yet effective method
without the use of gadgets!

Let your fingers do the walking for greater health and wealth!

My name is Lauren Slade and I became fascinated with Reflexology when it helped me survive a life threatening illness back in the 1970’s. That experience changed my life, and I decided then and there to give up working in the financial sector of London’s banking industry, and become a practitioner, educator and advocate for Reflexology. I took as many courses as I could from many world renown international teachers, and became an expert lecturing and teaching on an international stage, as well as building a thriving private practice in London England.

I moved my practice to Canada in 1991, and at first I enjoyed being the only practitioner in my city, however it wasn’t too long before the waiting list for appointments was growing, and it became obvious there was too much work for one person.

I came to the realization that the practice of reflexology could be an exciting, helpful, and lucrative career for many people wishing to have their own business.

People were thirsty for knowledge about the incredible healing abilities of Reflexology, so I decided it was time to start teaching to anyone who asked.

I began teaching classes from the living room in my house, and all my classes filled up fast. In fact, they became so popular that the local authorities told me I had to stop teaching, as so many people were visiting the house, the neighbours had complained. I rented commercial space, and the Universal College of Reflexology was born.

Twenty-six years later in 2017, the College has grown and gone from strength to strength, beyond my wildest dreams, and now boasts one of the highest standards of Reflexology education in the world.

As you are on this page I want to ask you, as a reflexology student or someone who is interested in studying reflexology, the following questions.

(And if you’re already a practicing professional, see the questions further below!)

If you don’t yet have your own income-producing business…

1) Have you always been fascinated by a relaxing holistic health practice? 

2) Have you ever pictured yourself involved in such a highly respected career? 

3) Have you been looking for a new career that you could train for right at home, in your spare time, at your own pace… without having to interfere with your present income? 

4) A career that will allow you to earn a really good income… while allowing you to help your family, friends, and loved ones at the same time? 

5) Will you enjoy switching from your current unfulfilling job to a part- or full time professional career in reflexology / holistic health? 

6) Are you tired of the frustrations of living on a limited income… and have you been looking for a way out of that trap? 

7) Will you enjoy an occupation with limitless income… one that will allow you to earn as much as you are actually capable of?

If you are already a Health Care or Beauty Professional

who is seeking new skills and a much higher income.

1) Do you have ALL the customers, or clients, that you Desire? 

2) Have you been thinking of adding Reflexology to your menu of service offerings? 

3) Have you been desiring to learn more about Reflexology? 

4) Have you been thinking of growing from a part-time practice to a full-time career in holistic health? 

5) Have you been desiring ways to add more clients to your practice? 

6) Have you been trying to think of new ways to take care of and hold on to your existing clients? 

7) Would you enjoy growing —or building — a new, or complementary, practice? 

8) Would you like to make your business much more profitable? 

9) Have you been waiting until you could find real professional Reflexology training?


If you answered “YES” to any of these questions,
then I have some important news for you…

“It Has Changed my Life”

Leigh-Ann Farhat

Imagine Your Future...

What do you see when you look at your future now? That is, if you don’t do anything different but simply continue doing what you’ve already done, where will you be? It’s likely you’ll have the same type of living environment, the same kind of car, be wearing the same kind of clothes and doing the same kind of work with the same kind of results — by definition, you’ll end up in the same place where you already are!

However, if you changed just one thing…like, if you invested in your education, you learned a new skill, you started your own business…just ONE of these could make a HUGE impact on your new future!

Now consider what could happen if you changed more one thing… what if you not only invested in yourself, learned a new skill, opened a successful practice AND learned how to enjoy that, what does your future life look like now? You’re less stressed, you’re enjoying your work, you have more time off with your friends and loved ones, you know that you’re helping other people feel good, you are in control of your financial destiny… literally, YOU fill in the blanks here because it’s all about what you want!

How to get “There” from “Here”

Successful entrepreneurs and investment advisors will tell you that all you need is what they call a “vehicle”.  What they mean by a “vehicle” is a proven business or a proven income generating occupation… that by following it will literally take you out of the first group of people and deliver you directly into the high income lifestyle of the second group of people.

That is why it is called a vehicle

Some people search their entire lives to find this “vehicle” that will cause them to become prosperous… and they never find it. Or if they do find it… they never take advantage, and actually pursue it.

Most prosperous people will tell you that it was a “vehicle” that originally got them to that point.

When you ask an already prosperous person for advice on how to get where they are, they will tell you to… find an income producing “vehicle”.


You can relax now..





“This course is head and shoulders above the other Reflexology courses I have taken!”

Jackie Koot

FACTS About This Course

  • Everything you want to know, need to be learning or have already learned (but can’t remember it all!) in one place.You can review it over and over again.
  • You’re learning from a master Reflexologist— someone who has taught and lectured to thousands over the last 27 years.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to find and work all the reflex points on the feet — whether you’ve ever given any reflexology before or not.
  • All the tricks Lauren uses to offer the best sessions in the easiest way possible, with the least amount of effort for the best results.
  • Learn the reflexology details of each organ system of the body
  • Get dozens of tips to make reflexology easy to do and a pleasure to receive.
  • It’s not hard to do if you
    • know how to do the techniques right
    • have all the strategies and tools
    • understand when to use what movements
  • Gain more confidence as a practitioner– which can exponentially increase your credibility.
  • Help you to become an expert in the field of reflexology, therefore attracting more clients.
  • Everything you need to know to give great and effective reflexology sessions is all in one place (ready for you to review over and over as you need it!).
  • Use this information to earn extra income for full- or part-time practice.
  • Help you get started on a meaningful career change.
  • Try reflexology out!If you’ve been thinking of going into the complementary medicine / holistic health profession, you can try this out to get a head start before committing to more expensive programs.
  • It’s so satisfying to help people with reflexology. Reflexology helps people to relax and offers amazing stress relief. When stress is minimized, the body can be more efficient at healing itself.
  • Save money!By using these reflexology techniques on yourself, family and friends, you can save thousands of dollars that you might have paid others for holistic health services.


Did You Know??

You can Become a Certified Reflexologist for a fraction of the cost of other holistic health modalities!!

Most Massage Therapy programs in Canada are 2200 hours and can range in tuition from

$15,000 – $35,000 not including books and supplies. 

In the United States most states with massage licensing criteria,

commonly require between 500 to 600 hours of massage therapy training.

This equates to a tuition range of between

$6,000 and $10,000 for your certificate.


“I highly, highly recommend the Universal College of Reflexology.”

Jo-Dean Poirier

Reflexology is a Very Rewarding Career


You could Change Your Life
In the Next 30 Days!



General Characteristics of a “Typical Reflexologist”

If you were to survey the field, you’d probably find that the “typical” Reflexologist is a middle-aged female. There are many younger Reflexologists and men who practice, but, like the majority of complementary and alternative healers, you’ll find the field is populated predominantly by women. This is probably because reflexology is suited to the type of person who is looking for self-employment. Many women are looking for just that – a profession that is geared towards helping others, profitable and flexible enough to accommodate family and life-style preferences.

The average Reflexologist has been practicing for about 10 years and most see about 10 clients per week. They know it’s important to carry practice liability insurance, and, therefore, the average Reflexologist has such insurance.

The majority have a private practice and conduct their sessions in a home office, although more and more Reflexologists are working in professional offices alongside other health professionals. Occasional “outcalls” are made to a clients’ home.

Now let’s say that as an average a one-hour reflexology session costs $60. And, taking time off for holidays and special events, by doing 10 sessions a week, the annual income from a part-time reflexology practice could be as much as $30,000 per year. On average, a Reflexologist will work a little less than that and generate an income of $21,000.

Most Reflexologists are earning the bulk of their income from a professional reflexology training consisting of a 200-hour program, which costs a lot less than a college degree.

Impassioned and empowered by what reflexology can do, a lot of practitioners add at least 300 hours of additional training, bringing their education levels closer to 500 hours of reflexology training. Those additional hours of training are gained through attendance at workshops and continuing education classes.

Reflexologists work for as many years as they choose: 1) because it’s easy to do and 2) requires so little effort from their own physical body. The use of a variety of thumb / finger movements and pressures is all that’s necessary to create an infinite variety of sessions.

With reflexology it’s also easy to apply adjunct therapies like Reiki or/and massage in combination with working on the feet.

All Reflexologists follow a code of ethics and a standard of practice, but don’t provide psychological counseling. That doesn’t mean we don’t listen because we do — it’s called active listening. But we don’t diagnose or treat mental or physical health concerns — our focus is on giving a reflexology treatment. And, a Reflexologist will often give clients homework for self-help and will refer them to other health care providers on an “as-needed” basis.

Reflexology follows a combination of the stress reduction, medical and energy models. In addition, a Reflexologist also knows that there are contraindications that always have to be considered throughout the course of treatment.

The level of satisfaction with a reflexology practice fluctuates from “very” to “extremely” satisfied.

What information is covered in the Professional Foot Reflexology Certification course?  


1- Included are nearly a dozen reflexology maps clearly demonstrating where each and every system of the body is “reflexed” on the feet. This is what Reflexology is all about and what separates this holistic practice from all other methods and systems.

2- Video demonstrations of each of the Reflexology “relaxation” techniques as well as the hand position for the “warm-up” part of the session.

3- Video close ups will guide you to all the reflex points — images which will help you find and remember the hand positions for the each of the “organ reflex” points.

4- The 5 Reflexology techniques – you’ll see each of them described and demonstrated in detail.

5- The “10 Zone Theory” – The first steps to understanding Reflexology and how it works begins with the “10 Zones”. This information alone can be used for an effective session sequence. You’ll be learning this and much, much more…

6- How to document your client sessions. The only way to chart the progress of both you and your client is through basic documentations and note-taking. It’s the goal of every Reflexologist to help their client and this is a “must know” part of the process.

7- Common Foot Pathologies – Although we don’t prescribe, treat or diagnose medical conditions, Reflexologists will see some common foot pathologies. You’ll need to know what to expect and what course you should take when you come upon these.

8- The Bones of the Feet. What a fascinating study the bones of the feet are! All of our work can be done on just the feet alone. Being the location of our work but not the destination for the amazing effects of the Reflexology system, the bones of the feet are essential for charting our way.

9- The reflexes located on the inside, outside and top of the foot – there are reflex maps on all surfaces of the foot. We look at the “reflex” connection to our body’s major support structures (i.e., the back, hips and shoulder reflexes) so that we know where and how to work these areas as a very important part of responsible reflexology.

10- Common anatomical terms that are useful to know and that will help you communicate with others in the field.

11- History, from ancient to contemporary — knowing the past gives us a better view of the future. You’ll hear about the fascinating legacies left by those who came before.

12- Reflexology concepts – These are the ones that every Reflexologist needs to know.

13- What about contraindications? Does Reflexology have any and what are they? Again a “must know” for any Reflexologist.

14- You’ll learn about Zone Therapy — the precursor to modern day Reflexology. Knowing this alone gives you an amazing advantage in the field.

15- The Zone map of the feet described and illustrated so you can use this for premier therapeutic benefits.

16- And much, much more…

You will learn the individual reflex points and areas for each of these specific organ systems:

1– Digestive System: Stomach, Pancreas, Liver, Gallbladder, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Ileocecal Valve

2- Urinary System: Kidneys, Ureters, Bladder

3- Respiratory System: Diaphragm, Lungs, Bronchials, Sinuses

4- Circulatory System: Heart

5- Musculo-Skeletal System: Spine, Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Hips, Legs, Knees, Ribs

6- Sensory System: Eyes, Ears, Nose

7- Reproductive System: Ovaries, Testes, Uterus, Prostate, Fallopian Tube, Vas Deferens, Breast

8- Endocrine System: Pituitary, Pineal, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Thymus, Pancreas, Adrenals, Ovaries, Testes

9- Lymphatic System: Spleen, Thymus, Auxiliary Lymph, Groin Lymph

10- Central Nervous System: Brain and Spine

INCLUDED:  Individual reflexology maps for each of the body system detailing the specific reflex locations.

Our proven system makes Reflexology easy to learn!!  We have been teaching Reflexology since 1991, and pioneered online learning since 2009!  We have created twenty-two (22) videos specifically designed to demonstrate each of the techniques, relaxation moves and each and every part of the Reflexology routine.  Simply hit play for each of the videos and follow along!

1. Reflexology Relaxation Techniques — “Warming Up the Foot”

– Relaxing the foot
– Relaxing the ankle
– Lung press “relaxing the heads of the metatarsals”
– Side to Side “relaxing the upper part of the foot”
– Toe rotations
– Spinal twist “relaxing the medial aspect of the foot”

2. “Important Landmarks of the Foot, The 10 Zones & 5 Reflexology Techniques”

– Pelvic/Hip Line
– Diaphragm Line
– Waist Line
– Shoulder Line
– Ligament/Tendon Line

– Thumb walking
– Hook in
– Finger walking

3. “Beginning the Reflexology Session”

– Foot inspection
– Relaxations

4. “Reflexes on the Toes”

– Head, Brain and Neck Reflexes
– Thyroid and Parathyroid Reflexes
– Sinus Reflexes

5. “Reflexes on the Ball of the Foot”

– Heart Reflex
– Bronchial Reflex
– Lung Reflex
– Shoulder Reflex
– Ear and Eye Reflexes
– Neck Reflex
– Esophagus Reflex
– Thymus Reflex

6. “Reflexes on the Dorsal Aspect of the Foot”

– Upper and Lower Lymph Reflexes
– Breast, Chest and Lung Reflex

7. “Reflexes Located on The Arch of the Foot”

– Stomach Reflex
– Pancreas Reflex
– Spleen Reflex
– Duodenum Reflex
– Kidney Reflex
– Bladder Reflex
– Ureter Reflex
– Liver Reflex
– Gallbladder Reflex
– Adrenal Reflex

8. “Reflexes on the Lateral Side of the Foot”

– Leg Reflex
– Hip Reflex
– Thigh Reflex
– Shoulder Reflexes

9. “Spinal Reflexes”

– Cervical Reflexes
– Thoracic Reflexes
– Lumbar Reflexes
– Sacrum Reflex
– Coccyx Reflex
– Spinal Reflex

10. “The Complete Session Sequence — Tying It All Together”

– Foot Inspection
– Relaxation Techniques
– Head Zone Reflexes
– Sensory Reflexes
– Dorsal Reflexes
– Abdominal Reflexes
– Reflexes on the Lateral Side of the Foot
– Reflexes on the Heel
– Reflexes on the Medial Side of the Foot
– Relaxation Techniques
– Solar Plexus Deep Breathing Technique

“I have taken several amazing courses with the Universal College of Reflexology, and have learned an abundance of information”

Jody Morrison

Imagine Yourself Having a Lucrative,

Fulfilling Career in the Healing Arts!



  • Your instructor has over 27 years of teaching experience
  • Learn / study in the convenience of your home
  • No need to travel or pay for hotel and meal costs
  • Most comprehensive instruction anywhere
  • A highly professional training
  • View and listen to the online videos and PowerPoint presentations and teleseminars over and over again, either in their entirety or just the parts you want to review.
  • Hear it, see it, read it — this course appeals to all learning styles, visual, auditory, and is demonstration-based.

Lauren Slade BC Ref Dip



  • +Choose this option if: You are a practitioner with existing holistic health business who wants to add Reflexology to their existing menu of services or you are skilled in the service industry.
  • Professional Reflexology Certification Program – accredited 312 hours Tuition Cost $999
  •  How to Create a Successful Reflexology Business Course – accredited 25 hours – $399
  •   Master Your Mindset: Growing Your Sacred Business Course – accredited 10 hours – $199
  •   5 Hours One-on-One Coaching – $750
  • Total cost today $999
  •   750 – Total value – $2347


  • +Choose this option if: You are starting a new holistic health business AND also want to learn the necessary business skills to have a successful practice – with the addition of a Coach to guide you along the path to achieve fast success.
  • Professional Reflexology Certification Program – accredited 312 hours Tuition Cost $999
  •  How to Create a Successful Reflexology Business Course – accredited 25 hours – $399
  •    Master Your Mindset: Growing Your Sacred Business Course – accredited 10 hours – $199
  •   5 Hours One-on-One Coaching – $750
  • TOTAL VALUE – $2347
  • Total cost today $1574
  •       SAVING $773

Next Course – 13th February 2018

Note: We are able to hold the 2017 tuition fee for February class only.  

All future 2018 courses will be offered at the increased fee.

Standard Option includes both of the following Business Courses

Creating a Successful Reflexology Business

This course covers the essentials you need to know to successfully run a profitable and enjoyable small business.

Studies continue to show that the primary reasons most businesses fail are due to improper management or under capitalization, not because the owners are under skilled in the performance of their profession.

In addition to having sufficient hands on Reflexology skills, to be successful, you need to know how to obtain new clients, retain current clients, communicate effectively, keep proper documentations, do bookkeeping and manage your time well.

It is ironic, that people in the natural health business, take care of their client’s health and have a much lower priority for their business finances.  In order to continue doing the work you love, it is imperative that you take responsibility for your business’ health.


Creating a Vision Statement

Creating a Mission Statement
Importance of Goal Setting
Social Responsibility
Private Practice Set-up
Office Design


Working from Home – Advantages / Disadvantages

Renting a Room – Advantages / Disadvantages

Lease-Buy New – Advantages / Disadvantages

Mobile Practice – Advantages / Disadvantages

Multiple Locations – Advantages / Disadvantages

Business Planning
Your Competition
Setting Your Fees
Finances and Your Private Practice
Financial Management Plan
Knowing Your Private Practice
How to Find Your Niche?
How Much to Spend On Marketing?
Marketing Tips
Five Sure Ways to Build Your Practice
Marketing Plan
Types of Marketing
Selling Your Services

Master Your Mindset: Growing Your Sacred Business

Most small business owners or entrepreneurs don’t realize what’s holding them back from success. It isn’t their strategies and plans, or how ‘smart’ they are – it’s their way of thinking. Their subconscious, limiting mindset derails their progress.

Did you know that there are specific tactics that can be used to reframe thinking patterns, that will change the way you do business for ever?

By consciously working to develop the traits and characteristics of an entrepreneurial mindset, you can overcome any challenge that comes your way. When you approach your business from a growth mindset – you will see better results.

This course will help small business owners and entrepreneurs easily achieve that critical shift from limiting to entrepreneurial mindset, and leap ahead towards their goals with ease!! Includes Course Manual, Self-Assessment Sheet, Workbook and a Mindset Check List.

What is Mindset?

Mindset and beliefs about abilities play a key role in fueling success.
We all know someone incredibly gifted who doesn’t achieve their potential.
Mindset is a collection of beliefs.
It includes basic qualities like intelligence, talents and personality.
Whether conscious or unconscious, negative mindsets can impact success.
A positive mindset can help activate potential.

The Inner Critic

Mindset and beliefs can be totally unconscious.
An ‘Inner Critic’ is an inner voice that occurs on continuous repeat.
The Inner Critic can tell you that you’re wrong or inadequate.
Some are aware of this while others aren’t.
We all have an inner critic – the first step is becoming aware.
Mindset is malleable.
You can develop or evolve your mindset.
You can make profound differences with small shifts in awareness and habits.

What You Will Learn in This Course?

Define and adopt a mindset for growth.
Dispel limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
Identify and apply entrepreneurial mindsets.
Create a plan to further develop your mindset.


Premium Training includes both the above Business Courses 

PLUS Five Hours of one-on-one Business Coaching


7 Reasons to Work With a Business Coach

1. A Coach can help you see the trees for the forest.
2. A Coach will make you focus on the game and your long-term strategies.
3. A Coach will make you run more laps while making each round easier and more efficient.
4. A Coach will tell it like it is.
5. A Coach will give you small pointers based on years of experience.
6. A Coach will listen.
7. A Coach will help you develop long-term plans that will allow your business to function
more efficiently and make more profit.




  The  Universal College of Reflexology has been educating people in the art and science of Reflexology since 1991.

    Their Professional Foot Reflexology Certification program is an 11 module online learning system and a ground breaker in the way Reflexology education is delivered.

    Since 2009 UCR has pioneered new ways of passing on the knowledge of this ancient healing art known as Reflexology with their state of the art virtual classroom which has taken Reflexology to the world.

    The Universal College of Reflexology’s world class teaching systems has enabled both national and international students to improve the health and quality of life for thousands of clients.

Next Course – 13th February 2018

Note: We are able to hold the 2017 tuition fee for February class only.  

All future 2018 courses will be offered at the increased fee.

Reflexology is a Very Rewarding Career

Don’t put it off until later

You know that you will only get busy with something else, and forget!



“If you are thinking about learning reflexology, I highly recommend the Universal College of Reflexology”

Donna Dux

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” -Tony Robbins

However, if you changed just one thing…like, if you invested in your education, you learned a new skill, you started your own business…just ONE of these could make a HUGE impact on your new future!

I look forward to seeing you in our next class.  As you have heard, many of students have commented on the impact learning Reflexology had on them.   Will you be the next Universal College of Reflexology student who says “Reflexology Changed My Life!”??

To your immense success,


P.S.  Enrolling in this program means you are making an investment in yourself, so be sure that you’re ready to welcome more prosperity, new opportunities, and spiritual fulfillment into your life!

P.P.S.   You’ve never been offered a career opportunity like this on a silver platter before. You don’t even have to think about it… just follow my proven program to help others, learn a holistic health technique, change careers and generate full or part-time extra income.


P.P.P.S.   You and I both know you’re interested in learning Reflexology online (otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far). So now it’s time to take the next step to turn your dreams into reality.   Click to take that step by ordering now…


Now – a special note just for the people who always “daydream” about a different life, getting involved in a high income professional career that is respected in the healing arts.
You have no valid reason not to try this course. If you don’t do something different today, your tomorrow will look the same as today — is that what you want?
Here are some of the most common excuses I hear from people who don’t know that they can have what they want…
    “I’m too busy” (Too busy doing what? Working long hours, in a frustrating job or career, trying to pay your bills just to try to make ends meet?)

   “I can’t afford it” (Really? Can you afford to keep working at jobs that aren’t paying you enough, where you’re not building something for your future and where you aren’t fulfilled? When, exactly, do you think you’ll be ready to invest in what really matters in life — yourself?)
    “It won’t work for me” (That little voice inside your head is the very thing you must defeat to beat this grinding problem. It’s what’s holding you back. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt.)

Registration now open for February 13th program. Will close when countdown reaches zero, or class is full.








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